NC ballot preparation is on hold

RALEIGH —The N.C. Supreme Court (NCSC) ordered the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement to delay printing ballots for the November 2018 election. The NCSC needs time to review a state NAACP lawsuit alleging vague, misleading language on four constitutional amendments.

The NAACP claimed the two rewritten constitutional amendments  “failed to cure the constitutional infirmities that formed the basis for the NC NAACP’s claims.” Courts had previously ruled that the obscure and misleading original amendments did not adequately inform voters of the real changes in the shift of power from the governor. The governor would not be able to make judicial appointments and the eight-body ethics and elections oversight board would be split evenly between the two parties.

A state panel of judges recently ruled that the Republicans’ redrawn congressional maps had been unconstitutionally gerrymandered. If that decision stands, it could delay ballot printing. Additionally, Governor Cooper also has a pending lawsuit against the two rewritten constitutional amendments .

The Federal deadline for printing the ballots is September 22 when absentee ballots are required to be mailed.