“Threats of Impeachment of Supreme Court Should be Intolerable to People of Goodwill”

Statement Released by NC NAACP President Rev. T. Anthony Spearman

The NC NAACP is presently challenging the North Carolina General Assembly’s ill-advised effort to place six amendments on the November 2018 ballot. The lawsuit, NC NAACP v. Moore, challenges four of these proposed amendments, which propose drastic changes to the North Carolina Constitution, including a constitutional amendment to require photo voter ID, on grounds that they have been proposed by an unconstitutional legislature that came to power through one of the largest-scale illegal racially-gerrymanders in recent history, and that the amendments themselves are so misleading as to deny voters an opportunity to fairly vote on them.

In response to this and other appropriate and proper legal challenges, the Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party has proposed the impeachment of N.C. Supreme Court Justices, in the event that they agree with some or all of our challenges.

This threat of punitive actions against the judiciary by the Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party is wild west maneuvering that demonstrates this party’s continued willingness to go to any lengths to consolidate and maintain political power in this State –without regard to the will of the people— and represents the erosion of fundamental principles of our democracy. To shoot from the hip with a blatant attempt to intimidate a panel of supreme court justices is a mockery of justice and overreach of political power.

The courts serve as an independent arbiter of justifiable legal concerns. That judicial independence, for all people of good will, is morally and constitutionally sacrosanct. The people must not stand for these intimidation tactics. The NC NAACP has stood with integrity for 109 years. Whatever the outcome, we will continue to use our well tested methods of litigation, legislation, direct action and political action to resist in power and succeed over adversity.

Forward Together! Not One Step Back!