Robinson cleared of all charges in appeal

MARION – As Judge Hunt always reminds, the wheels of justice turn slowly. He left out the torturous wait for trial while the defendant, witnesses, and families put their lives on hold.

The initial warrant against Groce Scot Robinson for Assault on a Female were issued on January 29, 2018.  On February 11, 2018 a Second-Degree Kidnapping warrant was issued.

In March of 2018 the Second Degree Kidnapping charge was dismissed by McDowell County Assistant District Attorney Kent Brown. However, McDowell County District Court Judge Robert Martelle found Robinson guilty of Assault on a female on 3/15/18.
The guilty verdict was appealed to McDowell County Superior Court. In a trial by jury on 8/9/18 Robinson was found not guilty.
ADA David Denninger, a recent college graduate with 4 years of district court practice, recently assumed Superior Court case duties when former prosecutor Michelle McEntyre resigned. Denninger was the prosecuting attorney on the 8/9/18 jury trial.
Defense attorney Krinn Evans offered the following statement:
“This trial has been a long time coming, and we would like to extend our thanks to the members of jury who were diligently attentive throughout this trial.  This trial was not about life and death, but you could not have told it by the attention paid by this jury of McDowell County citizens.
This trial was based upon an allegation made by Autumn Grosser Robinson to gain advantage in a custody case – nothing more, nothing less. During her testimony over the course of multiple hearings – both in district court, family court and this Superior Court trial – her story changed to the point that she had trouble keeping the multiple accounts straight; including her initial assertion of a sexual assault that she forgot to include in her testimony until she was confronted with this omission during cross-examination.
It is the belief of the defense that McDowell County District Court Judge Robert K. Martelle relied too heavily on the statements of this woman during the initial district court hearing when he found the defendant guilty, and failed to take into account her documented history and behaviors on the night in question and the days that followed.
In an appeal to the Superior Court due to the verdict of guilty in the district court case, the defendant has now been found not guilty by jury of his peers.  At the end of the day with this jury verdict the people of the State of North Carolina have agreed with the defendant and cleared his name – or as one juror stated at the completion of the trial ‘we just couldn’t believe her’.”

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  1. Anna Burton | August 11, 2018 at 11:25 am |

    CORRECTION – The was not the trial where Denninger forgot to ask for identification of the defendant by his witnesses. We apologize for the misidentification.

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