NC Attorney General takes WoFF tresspassing case: no decision on prosecution

RUTHERFORDTON – Laura Brewer, Communications Team Leader and Communications Director for the  NC Department of Justice for Attorney General Josh Stein stated that the Attorney General’s office has taken ownership of the cases regarding Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) charges against state senate candidate David Wheeler, former sheriff candidate Wayne Guffey, and ex-member of WoFF John Huddle. All three face second-degree trespassing charges.

District Attorney Ted Bell claimed a conflict of interest in the cases. No word yet which judge will hear the cases scheduled on Aug. 24, 2018.

Neither Daily Courier writer MacKenzie Wicker nor Channel 13 TV reporter Jennifer Emert face charges. An incident report was filed on Emert.

Wheeler brought a television crew and newspaper reporter to a scheduled meeting with WoFF pastor Jane Whaley at the church. Having arrived approximately 45 minutes early, Wheeler and his group were asked to leave by Minister Jayne Caulder. The Facebook video shows that Caulder pointed to the sign stating that curiosity seekers, recording and video devices were not welcome at the church. The video shows the group did not immediately leave at the minister’s request.

Local attorney Josh Farmer is counsel for the church.