Trespass summons issued against Wheeler entourage at Word of Faith Fellowship visit

Wayne Guffey with David Wheeler

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC — The controversial visit by NC Senate candidate David Wheeler repercussions continued today when Wheeler picked up his summons for second degree trespassing at the Rutherford County jail. RC Catalyst picked up incident reports filed with the Sheriff for 2nd degree trespassing at Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) church yesterday for:

  • David Wheeler
  • John Huddle
  • Wayne Guffey and
  • Jennifer Emert of Channel 13 News

WoFF members outside of church entrance

WLOS’ Jennifer Emert

Daily Courier reporter MacKenzie Wicker who participated in the visit has not been charged as of this time of publication.

The Wheeler planned visit was broadcast live on Facebook.

Wheeler was accompanied by former sheriff candidate Wayne Guffey, ex-member and activist against WoFF John Huddle, a WLOS Channel 13 camera crew accompanying Channel 13 anchor Jennifer Emert, and Daily Courier reporter MacKenzie Wicker.

According to Word of Faith Fellowship pastor Jane Whaley, “No one was invited except David. The appointment time was between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Wheeler showed up at 2:45 p.m.”

WoFF attorney Josh Farmer issued the following official statement:
“David Wheeler and Jane Whaley agreed to meet at the church on Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. Wheeler barged in at the church well before the scheduled time for the meeting with members of the media and several critics of the church, none of whom were invited.  They were asked to leave numerous times and only did so after they heard that someone at the church was calling for the police. Mr. Wheeler’s behavior was deceptive and the behavior of all in the group was appalling and unacceptable in their refusal to leave.”

Josh Farmer | Attorney at Law

In the video, Wheeler is shown refusing to leave until he could meet with pastor Jane Whaley. Minister Jayne Caulder who met the group in the hall pointed out the sign on the door stating that curiosity seekers, cameras and recordings were not allowed or welcomed on the property.

Wheeler released  a press release and the emails between Whaley and Levert on his Facebook page.

Summons were issued on Aug. 1 in the evening. Guffey was served, but Huddle and Wheeler picked their summons up at the jail on Thursday, August 2, 2018.

Channel 13 News director Julie refused to give her last name or to say anything on the record regarding the police incident report filed on reporter Jennifer Emert for trespassing on Word of Faith Fellowship private property. RCCatalyst left a message for Joe Fishleigh, WLOS Station Manager who has not yet responded to our call.

The initial hearings are scheduled for Aug. 24. A trespassing conviction can carry a sentence up to 20 days in jail and a $200 fine.