David Wheeler NC State Senate 47 Candidate – Action, not politics.

Wayne Guffey with David Wheeler

David Wheeler is running for North Carolina State Senate Seat for District 47. Senate District 47 representation includes Rutherford and McDowell Counties among its multi-county district.

FOREST CITY — On Tuesday in Forest City, successful businessman David Wheeler presented his initiative on “Restoring Trust” in state government as his campaign platform for the Senate District 47 seat.

Wheeler, in his campaign interactions with citizens, shared their concerns of preferential political influence, unfair judicial procedures, poor law enforcement investigations and procedures, and child protection dealings, and corruption in local organizations that should be serving the best interests of the citizens of RC.

Wheeler, having done his research on RC, commented afterward that he had slept on his prepared remarks and then followed his heart and intuition to change them to speak directly on the real issues in this county. Among those issues are education, teachers out-of-pocket expenditures, restoring the lottery to its intended education lottery, communication with constituents, and the activities of Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) that clearly lead the concerns of RC citizens.

Wheeler made it clear that while he did not condemn any religion or people of faith, his concern was about the possibility of any form of child abuse, misuse of social services and forced labor.

Wheeler called out District 47 Sen. Ralph Hise by asking:

“When was the last time anyone has seen Ralph Hise in the area?”

He didn’t stop there. He called out:

  • District 29A Attorney Ted Bell about the continued stall (five years since the incident) in prosecuting the Woff/Matthew Fenner cases and the lack of investigation into the Perry Shade/possible jury tampering incident. He also brought attention that 2 Assistant District Attorneys had left Bell’s employ over a three-week period. Wheeler also questioned why politics was in the district attorney’s office such as cases marked with red stars.
  • Sheriff Chris Francis’ department for its inability to serve a subpoena on Jane Whaley in a timely fashion.
  • Ralph Hise for accepting campaign contributions from a WoFF member

The full list of questions are printed below.

Wheeler presented his action plan to convene a town hall meeting in August that includes to Governor Roy Cooper, Speaker Tim Moore, Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger and Attorney General Josh Stein to search for solutions across the aisle. If elected, he will hold monthly town hall meetings with his constituents.

“I want to be the voice of the people,” said Wheeler.  “We need action, not politics.”

The meeting was streamed live on Facebook and can be seen on the Citizens Against Corruption and Abuse page.

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