Cooper files $4+ Million suit for “alienation of affection” by Woff & members

Former awards for alienation of affection in NC

RUTHERFORDTON — Chad W. Cooper filed a “Complaint and Petition for Relief for Alienation of Affection” on May 15, 2018 in Rutherford County Court . This Complaint outlines claims against: Jayne Caulder, David Caulder, Jane Whaley and Sam Whaley, Brooke and Kent Covington, Amy Mattos and the Word of Faith Fellowship (Inc.) (WOFF). Accusations against the defendants include that they “willfully, actively, wrongfully and intentionally interfered with the marital relationship” of Chad Cooper and Lauren (Caulder) Cooper.

All of the defendants have been served and the response deadline has been moved to July 24th. Josh Farmer, representing WOFF, filed to move the case to Superior Court in light of the requested sum total of “monetary relief in excess of $4,000,000.”

In North Carolina, you can sue an individual who has caused a married person to suffer the loss of affection of their spouse, so long as the marriage was peaceful and intact at the time of the affair.

Cooper is not claiming Lauren had an affair with another man, but had inappropriate and lewd relations between Lauren Cooper and Defendant, Amy Mattos. (Both were married at the time.) The Defendants “collectively colluded to actively attempt to hide such occurrences from the Plaintiff and instructed Lauren Cooper to continue her relationship with Defendant, Amy Mattos. Plaintiff had to actively defy church leadership and instruction to finally find out about the conspiracy.”

In Complaint #7, Cooper alleges“The Defendants …actively conspired and maliciously plotted to drive perceived doubt, mistrust, and lies about plaintiff to cause separation which ended in divorce.”

Allegations continue in the Complaint #8. “…Beginning sometime around the first of the year in 2016, the defendants suspected that Plaintiff and Lauren Cooper were showing more love for each other than for the church and thus took severe, unprovoked, malicious and criminal activity against the Plaintiff.

After stealing passwords and criminally accessing private emails between Plaintiff and Lauren, they kept Lauren Cooper against her will at the home of Brooke and Kent Covington, where all the defendants conspired to cause the divorce of Plaintiff from his wife. … The threats culminated with the hysterical and unfounded profession that Plaintiff was indeed a demon…. Lauren secretly reached out to Plaintiff to inform him of these lies, threats, and malice, but the damage was ultimately done to her mentally. Plaintiff had to inform the pastor that her actions were both evil and illegal before he could be allowed to see his own wife, but his intervention was not soon enough. Even till present day, Lauren is still affected and wounded by these unspeakable and atrocious acts committed by the Defendants.”

Cooper summarizes his losses in these words, “(Plaintiff) suffered serious and grievous injuries including the loss of love and affection of Lauren Cooper, loss of consortium of Lauren Cooper, mental agony and anguish, humiliation, damage to his honor, destruction of his family, and wounded sensibilities. …”

“WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff brings this action and demands judgment of from and against the Defendants in the sum of $1,877,800 in actual damages and $2,400,000 in punitive damages, together with reasonable attorney fees. And the Defendants shall be assessed all costs of this action.”

No date of a hearing was available at press time.

John Huddle has his own website and is a former member of the Word of Faith Fellowship. He is also author of “Locked In,” a book detailing his experiences within the church.