Wake DA to do jail time for hiring scheme

    • Obtaining property by false pretense;
    • Aiding and abetting obtaining property by false pretense;
    • Misdemeanor obstruction of justice;
    • Felonious obstruction of justice;
    • Failure to discharge duties of office,
Wallace Bradsher, a former District Attorney who served in Caswell and Person counties, stood before a jury and proclaimed no apologies as to his role in the investigation.

“It wasn’t about the money or having Pam supplement an income,” said Bradsher. “It was about a promise to the people that I ran and elected with that I would bring my private practice, my office; I was winning most of my jury trial… to change things and so we did.”

“We were basically doing a shared employee arrangement,” said Brascher, who represents himself, during opening arguments.

Bradsher represented himself during the trial. Bradsher was found not guilty of felony conspiracy and another obstruction of justice charge.