Trinity headmaster indicted for embezzlement

RUTHERFORDTON —The grand jury found a a true bill and indicted former Trinity Christian School Head Tiffany Walker. Detective Rick Gilbert of the Rutherfordton Police Department has been investigating the case since January of this year. Originally the call to investigate came with the discovery of a missing computer by a school staff member at the local school.

Walker was indicted on charges she bought pre-paid gift cards <$100k on the school’s credit card for herself. Rutherfordton police said Tiffany Walker also wrote checks to herself from the school bank account.

Walker’s theft charges currently total around $130,000 embezzled, however, investigators expect an increase in that amount. More indictments could come.

Walker is accused of writing herself personal checks from the school’s account, month after month in 2017, . Each check was below $500, just below her authorization. A higher amount would require a second signature.

Walker allegedly used the school’s credit card to buy $100,000 in prepaid gift cards at the Rutherfordton CVS from July 2016 through December 2017 as well as purchasing prepaid cards at the local Rite Aid and Walmart.

Defense attorney Daniel Talbert will be representing Walker.  Walker is expected to turn herself in to police in the next 48 hours.

The investigation into Walker remains open.