COLUMN: WoFF— the other side of the story

‘There are three sides to every story: yours, theirs,

and the truth somewhere in the middle.’

The courtroom is a good example of three sides to every story – the defense, the prosecution and the judge who resolves the truth. Similarly, as any journalist knows, a good story presents two sides of a situation and allows the reader to come to a conclusion about the truth.

While there have been national and international coverage of the accounts of many who left Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF), there have been few accounts from the pastors or current members. Part of the issue, of course, is the fact that several of the church’s members are being investigated by the authorities and their attorneys caution them not to speak. Others, however, speak out publicly about the media’s presentation of the church and its practices.

You can find much information on the Word of Faith Fellowship website, through their programs on a local radio station, and discussions with WoFF leadership and members. Much of the local gossip and rumors of the church can be countered with WoFF’s own presentations.

Mark Morris, a local attorney and current member of Word of Faith Fellowship, refutes many of the media’s statements.

Before making a decision, explore both sides of the story, discuss, and share.


The truth can withstand any questioning.