Cliffside considers incorporation

CLIFFSIDE — Johnny White opened the doors of the Sanctuary of Cliffside (the former Baptist church) Tuesday evening to discuss the incorporation of Cliffside as a legal municipality. A crowd of 50 people or so gathered to discuss the benefits from changing from a mill village that was established in 1902.

Johnny and Karin White own the Dutch Broad Cafe and the church building in Cliffside.  White stated that by becoming a legal municipality the town could establish zoning, have their own dedicated law enforcement, street lighting, and fire department.

However, not every one was excited. The town would have to collect municipal taxes as well. While the mill village had approximately 800 homes, in those same boundaries today there are only 400 or so properties.

White along with others have been investing in the town in hopes to see Cliffside return to its former thriving connected community.