Mail theft in Polk and McDowell counties

Over the past week, sheriff’s deputies have fielded several reports of mail theft.
The incidents are widespread, with reports of it occurring in Marion, Nebo, Columbus, Tryon and Old Fort.

Deputies are urging residents to be more aware of what they send and should be receiving in their personal mailboxes. Keep watch in your neighborhood and report any suspicious vehicles or activity.

Law enforcement is currently investigating a reported incident of mail theft in the Hunting Country area. Residents are asked to report any suspicious activity to Law Enforcement to assist with our investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging residents to take extra caution in both sending and receiving mail. Mailboxes that contain outgoing mail (as indicated by a raised flag) are targets for criminals looking to steal the contents, such as envelopes that contain payments or

Mail thieves look for bank statements and credit card bills, which can be used to create counterfeit checks or fake identifications. Thieves also look for personal checks enclosed in utility bills or other payments. Thieves take these stolen checks, remove the ink, and then fill out the blank check in their name and desired amount.

To avoid being the victim of theft the Sheriff’s Office recommends that

•Drop off outgoing mail (especially bills and payments) at the Post Office, or in a mail drop box.
•Invest in a mailbox with a lock, or pick up mail as soon as it is delivered.
•Have checks delivered to your bank and arrange to pick them up.
•If away for extended periods, have a neighbor pick up the mail, or arrange to have
the Post Office hold your mail.
•Never send cash or coins through the mail.
•If you don’t receive a check, bill, or other mail you are expecting, contact the issuing agency immediately

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