The Flack home is still flooding from water damage

Water flowing into the yard during a rainstorm

We featured the Flacks problems over a month ago. Both Madge Flack and her daughter Juanita spoke during public comments. Nobody says it better than Madge Flack herself. We need to take care of one another.

While the Rails-to-Trails project complicated the already problems with drainage on the Flack property. The Department of Transportation had made major changes to the drain sizes uphill from the property. The little creek that runs behind the Flack house is overwhelmed in the drainage of water from across the street at Food Lion. The grading of the rails-to-trails bed allows water to overflow the top and onto the front yard.

While the D.O.T., Town of Spindale, Town of Rutherfordton, the Rails-to-Trail partners, Rutherford County Commissioners and David Odom Engineering have all been contacted yet the issues remain. The County Commissioners have taken on coordinating some repairs and have contracted with the McGill Engineering firm in Asheville for the next phase of the project.

Driveway damaged by water wash.

Piles of railroad ties line Flack’s property. Some appear to have termite damage.

Food Lion parking lot drain covered in trash