Happy Mother’s Day

Gray cat in the catnip planter.

Happy Mother’s Day to biological, step, single-father, foster parent, and furry animal caregivers!

The nurturing loving compassionate role of a mother is one of the greatest gifts of all times. However, as the servant and surrogate parent to a very smart gray cat I have learned not to expect any acknowledgement or thanks on Mother’s Day.

Well, even cats can be surprising. My cat woke me to a 3:30 a.m. breakfast in bed. With a quick jump up on the bed, he dropped a half-dead mouse on my chest.  I may be old, but I can still jump straight up out of bed when necessary.  And I did see my neighbor’s lights come on at the sound of a blood-curdling scream.

But the worst part, besides seeing my cat’s look of complete disgust, was that the mouse ran under the bed. Who in their right mind could go back to bed with a half-dead mouse running around?

It was then I heard a crash in the kitchen and the cat mewling in pain – or so I thought. So I braved possibly stepping on the mouse and rushed to rescue him.

Then I saw it – a sight no one should see in the middle of the night. The cat was enjoying the breakfast I so obviously dissed.

Happy Mother’s day.