Candidate Guffey arranges for WoFF pastor Whaley to be served

The Whaleys’ home near Gilbertown.

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — On Friday evening an anonymous caller informed Wayne Guffey of the location of Word of Faith Fellowship pastor Jane Whaley. In court Friday Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective Jamie Keever presented details of 18 separate attempts made – by phone and in person – to serve the April 13 subpoena. Whaley is a witness in the theft of Wayne Guffey’s campaign sign.

Deputies also were unable to serve Whaley to appear in the Nick and Sarah Anderson custody case held last week.

Whaley was served at her home in Gilbertown.

Whaley is a witness in the sign theft case, allegedly telling Guffey that the defendant, Kerrick Hudson had confessed to the theft to her. Both Whaley and Hudson supposedly wanted to make things right with Guffey. Guffey had captured a late night photograph of a person near where his campaign sign was stolen.

The WOFF attorney Joshua Farmer and Whaley’s personal attorney, Noell Tin, stated Whaley was out of the county.

Upon obtaining Whaley’s whereabouts, Guffey passed the information to 911. An officer later called Guffey to say he is going to serve her. Later Guffey learns Whaley was served.

Not only was Guffey instrumental in determining who took his sign, he assisted to get her served. The candidate for Sheriff performed both the detective work and civil service work of the Sheriff’s department.

David Wheeler for NC Senate District 47