Column: Who we think we are voting for

Today is the primary election and I am still wondering exactly whom I am going to vote for. Fortunately I have met many of these candidates so forgive me as I share this sorting process with you. Hogwarts’ sorting hat would have come in handy.

Please note this is an opinion piece and since that comes from an insomniac at 2 a.m., the opinions may be flawed, biased, faded, new or even uncertain and changed later. Read at your own risk.

US House of Representatives District 10

Jeff Gregory gets our vote. Patrick McHenry, the incumbent, is a product of Washington. After a long tenure there, he seems to have lost touch with the people he represents.

NC Senate District 47

David Wheeler has gained our respect and support in his visits here. He runs his own business, makes his own opinions, and listens to the people. RALPH THE MOUTH Hise is overdue for a booting. Unlike Mike Hager who was allegedly booted by his own party. the voters have the chance to get the man who can’t keep his own campaign funds reports straight out of office.

District Attorney District 41

Garland F. Byers, Jr.

Vote Garland Franklin Byers, Jr. for district attorney. Previous support of Bell was eroded by catching him in a few lies, not getting a verdict in the WoFF/Matthew Fenner cases after 4 years, plea deals that let criminals walk out the door and some ethical concerns with the management of his office.

Byers brings 31 years of law enforcement, investigation, defense attorney and prosecution experience to the job. He is a professional.


There is no support here for Sheriff Chris Francis to be re-elected. After 8 years as sheriff, we still have ongoing drug dealing, jail deaths, his firing long-term employees immediately after taking office, and concerns over his interactions with Word of Faith.

  • Wayne Guffey has earned our respect many times over. He retired with 30 years of service in law enforcement. He still has passion for the job and will correct some mistakes the department has made recently.
  • Steve (Theo) Theodoropoulos commands respect wherever he goes. As a former Air Marshall and Highway Patrolman, he has years of experience as law enforcement, threat assessment, and specialized training. As the engaging intriguing individual that he is, he has learned in a short time all the inner workings of the different agencies in R.C. Theo took no money to run and would not be intimidated by anyone.
  • Joey Brandle is a young sincere man with experience in both the Sheriff’s Department and Forest City Police Department. The fates are not aligning for him this time, but who knows about the next election?

Board of Education – Vote for Drew Radford

District 1 (You may vote for ONE)

  • R. A. (Rick) Henson
  • Brandi Edney Nanney
  • Drew Radford


It’s just our opinion. Only your vote counts.