Out and About — Setting the record straight …

If you want something done about the crime, poverty, schools or county, please inform yourself about who you are voting for. Our votes are our voice in the community. Mayfest was a time to meet and greet Saturday. .

Mayfest 2018


Marion Elementary D.A.R.E. Graduation took place Friday morning. Ted Bell (District Attorney) was the guest speaker at this session’s graduation.

Wasn’t this the SAME TIME as the Guffey sign theft trial that had been set weeks before and Bell continued for another date? What comes first – politics or legal duties?

The D.A.’s investigator could have served the summons to Jane Whaley weeks ago. The sheriff’s detectives are the same one that didn’t call the phone number scrawled on the murdered victim’s hand. Rutherford County deserves professionalism.