ICC Awards Day


Outstanding students recognized at Awards Day ceremony

SPINDALE (April 27, 2018) – Dozens of Isothermal Community College’s finest students were praised for their exceptional academic efforts recently.

The annual Awards Day ceremony was held on Friday, April 27, in the Library Auditorium.

This year’s Academic Excellence Award went to Ruth Wurzbach. The award is the highest honor given to an Isothermal student each year. Davis is a student in Business Sciences. The award was presented to Davis by Isothermal’s president, Walter Dalton.

Dalton also gave special recognition to Wes Byers, the student who was the college’s nominee for the Dallas Herring Award, a prestigious state-level honor.

Many other awards were given that day, each to a student who has distinguished himself or herself in their academic endeavors. The awards, presented by the faculty members who nominated the various students, were given to:

Self – Enrichment Award – Academic Development

May Opolentisima

Freshman English Award

Charlotte Lattimore

Public Speaking Award

Emma G Toney

Sophomore English Award

Judah Zdziarski

History Award

James Bright

Pre-Health Award

April Tatum

Biology Award

Wes Byers

Spanish Award

Cassie Enloe

General Chemistry Award

Jessica Harvath

Organic & Biochemistry Award

Shelia Hansley

Mathematics Award

Timothy Marshall


Caleb Clary

Astronomy Award

Carl Owens

Physics Award

Timothy Marshall

Psychology Award

Gunnar William Godsey

Medical Office Technology Award

Bethany Walker

Office Administration Award

Traci Dawn Nalley

Business Administration Award

Cody Arrowood

Accounting & Economics Award

Brittany Stone-Pope

Agribusiness Technology

Lindsey Bailey

Information Technology

Lisa Carroll

Cosmetology Award

Victoria Printer

Early Childhood Education

Sarah Mathis

Criminal Justice Technology Award

Lanna Marie Evans

Advertising and Graphic Design Award

Helen Ellenburg

Building Construction Technology Award

Clifton Baker

Computer Engineering Technology Award

Fullington M. Frazer-Somoza

Electrical Systems Technology Award

Jared Fox

Electronics Engineering Technology Award

Raul M. Chavez

Arts & Sciences Outstanding Student

Jessica Harvath

Arts & Sciences Outstanding Student

Megan Bright

Arts & Sciences Outstanding Student

Alec Bridges

Arts & Sciences Outstanding Student

Lydia Murray