E-recording now available in Register of Deeds office

The Rutherford County Register of Deeds, Rachel Thomas, is now electronically recording (e-recording( official documents online.

ERecording is the process of submitting, receiving and processing documents via a secure internet site. This should simplify and accelerate all aspect of the recording process, dramatically shortening the process time and improving audibility.

ERecording is a government priority. Federal (ESIGN) and state legislation (UETA, URPERA) have established the legal basis for secure electronic recording, and dozens of states and counties are already eRecording today.

“We are thrilled to provide industry leading eRecording services to RC and its constituents,” said Rachel Thomas.

The Register of Deeds office maintains all real estate records recorded in this office dating back as early as the 1700s and all vital records which includes births, deaths, and marriages.