Political Cults…….Not Here?

Political Cults…….Not Here?
Commentary by Deborah Keller

Political groups often use the same dynamics as cults to manipulate and control their followers. Fervent
members become willing to commit anti-social acts on behalf of the group with “the ends justify the
means” mentality. You see this publically in particular with missing/stolen political signs during voting or
businesses who cannot promote a candidate because it will cost them customers from the current
“ruling” party.

This day and age we hear of “cults” trying to control politics and public officials, but where does the
“cult” stop and the political party start? Our own county has had international media attention as of late
due to the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) controversary. Pictures posted on social media show high
ranking members of Word of Faith Fellowship involved in state and local politics. The local Republican
party has members of Word of Faith in their executive committee as well as several Mormons (that have
also been considered a cult by many).

That being said, we do practice freedom of religion in this country but do these people practice
“freedom” in their dealings with other people? According to the Associated Press’ current investigation
Word of Faith Fellowship does not allow “freedom” to their members and have been accused of abuse
and slavery. They (WOFF) have been being investigated for years but due to whatever reason nothing
has ever stuck. Members do however follow the teaching and dictates of their leader Jane Whaley
without question. So, if they (supposed cult members)are decision makers in a political party then will
those decisions will be based on what is best for their church or for the people the party is supposed to

They (WOFF) say that there have been no convictions because they have done no wrong but it is hard to
explain years of testimony coming from multiple people detailing the same types of abuse. A foreign
country is suing them for slave trafficking and yet cases against their members in this county continue to
be “put off” until another time. If there has been no wrong then why do they not present this in court?

Why the constant delays? They even just recently continued a sign stealing charge because the judge
recused himself. Really…. a judge cannot be impartial in a sign stealing case with video evidence and the
perpetrator confessing and being repentant on social media? You have to ask “What gives here”?

Some people in this county have been saying for years that WOFF controls the local government
therefore no charges are ever bought to fruition. Again, there is no clear proof of that except that DSS
employees and the DA’s office employees (in another county)have been fired because of the same.

It is hard not to make the correlation, however, that WOFF members as well as Mormon members
contribute heavily to the Republican party and the party in turn contributes to the individual candidates.
Does this grant them any special consideration? Only they know that.

Does that in essence make that party a “political cult”? How can local leaders continue to not only accept support from people under such severe investigation but actively let them make policy concerning their organization if they have not themselves bought into that same mentality?

No one knows the answers to these questions but the people involved. Hopefully there will be some
answers if any of the cases ever get heard in court. In the meantime however one would hope that
people will act on the side of caution and just put things on hold as far as WOFF involvement is
concerned in local politics.

Being surrounded by people in life who do not have the same views in life as we do, allow us to see the
world from different perspectives which can help develop or even change some views on the world and
politics. Surrounding yourself with people who only have the same beliefs as you do is almost effectively
forming a cult around yourself. How can you ever learn about anything other than the cult and try to
understand it if all your information and ideals are formed within it?

Cults and politics, think it can’t happen here? Look around, ask questions, you may be surprised at what
you discover.