DA did not request SBI investigation as ordered in Fenner case mistrial

A judge’s order is a judge’s order.

This excerpt was taken from the order State v. Shade, clocked in on October 30, 2017; page 3 (these are found posted on the RC Catalyst web page)

Findings of fact:
9. By separate order entered this date in the related matter State of North Carolina vs. Brooke McFadden Covington, this order has entered that the State of North Carolina Bureau further investigate the conduct of juror Shade and jurors as it relates to the trial and specifically to the documents requested; and has further authorized the release of the sealed documents to the State Bureau for this ongoing investigation.

In an interview with former Assistant District Attorney Garland Byers, Jr., we asked him about the importance of an SBI investigation into juror Shade who caused the mistrial of the State versus Brooke Covington trial. He comments are recorded in the video below:

RC Catalyst contacted the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) who reported that they never received a request from the District Attorney to conduct an investigation as was his duty. A preliminary interrogation at the jail is not the same as an SBI investigation. RC Catalyst also contacted Judge Gavenus about the matter.