ICC Spring Students of Semester named

SPINDALE (April 13, 2018) – Isothermal Community College officials recently gave special recognition to 15 students.

The Spring 2018 Learning College Student of the Semester Awards were presented during two ceremonies in the Old Tryon Room of the Isothermal Library. The ceremonies were held at noon and 5 p.m.

This semester’s award winners are Kellie Culbreth, Hosanna Joy Miller, Karen Michelle Sessoms, Caroline Toney, Megan Bright, Emily Carver, Jennifer Renita Dale, Jessica Harvath, Elaina Christine Hawkins, Kaylyn Luckadoo, Gabriel Lugo, Michael Mull, Nathan Philbeck, Jennifer Reyes, Lisa Sawa, Brittany Stone-Pope, Chad Stroud, Katie Genia Toms, Aubree Yelton and Taylor Warren.

The awards were presented by Dr. Dolly Horton, vice president of Academic and Student Services and Institutional Assessment, and Thad Harrill, vice president of Community and Workforce Education and Institutional Advancement. The audience was welcomed by Stephen Matheny, vice president of Administrative Services.

Each student was nominated by one or several of their instructors. The nomination forms included a section of comments about the qualifications of each student:

Dominique Vance

Career & College Readiness

Dominique is a young mother of four year old twins. She attends MotherLearn through ICC and is working towards the Adult High School diploma. Since joining the program she has demonstrated incredible determination. She has completed 18 classes in only 18 months, earning “A’s” and “B’s”. She is currently working on the last credit required for graduation and is eager to attend ICC. She aspires to be an elementary school teacher.

Patricia Higuchi

Career & College Readiness

Patricia is visiting the United States from Brazil and is a student of the College and Career Readiness English Language Acquisition program. She is an excellent student with a positive attitude and exemplary work ethic. She attends classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening at three different ICC locations. Her hard work has resulted in substantial gains in English language proficiency. We enjoy having her as a student and learning more about her culture!

Adilene Almeyda

REaCH (Rutherford Early College High School)

Adilene is an unassuming young person who is quietly dedicated to her studies. She maintains an excellent GPA in both her high school and college coursework, one that has earned her a high ranking among her REaCH graduating class. Adilene is an active member of the National Honor Society at REaCH. She is in the process of applying to and making her selection from North Carolina colleges and choosing between studies in business or psychology.

James Tuong

Arts & Sciences

James Tuong’s academic commitment has placed him at the top of his class. His contributions to our learning environment go beyond his academic excellence to include his ever-present smile and cheerful demeanor. It is a pleasure to have him in our classrooms. After graduation, James plans to pursue studies in the sciences, majoring in biology with a possible double-major in biology and chemistry at either Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill. We are confident he will succeed and continue to make us proud.

Alexis Conner

Arts & Sciences

Alexis is joy to have in the classroom. Despite her quiet demeanor, she is a determined and patient student who is always happy to support her peers in group work or by answering questions. She is a talented artist in addition to being an excellent student. Alexis sets the bar high for herself in all aspects of her school work. Her intellect and positive attitude toward her education will take her far.

Brooklyn Smith

Health & Public Services

Brooklyn is an incredibly hard worker in the Early Childhood Education Program. She began the program right after high school and had an ambitious timeline starting out. She has never backed away from the challenge and has been an excellent student throughout the program. She has blossomed as a teacher and gained confidence along the way as well. Practicum experiences have provided her to opportunity to explore a variety of classroom environments and develop her own personal philosophy of education. She is a pleasure to have in class (even if she grumbles a little about reading 30 children’s books in one semester) and is most deserving of the student of the semester award.

Jessica Davey

Academic Development

Jessica is just beginning her college career, but she has already shown a great capacity for learning. She is an amazing independent learner and has a talent for problem solving. She works and works at a problem until she figures it out, only asking for help when truly needed. She is very organized and plans ahead. She has all of those behaviors that you love to see in a student: dependability, strong work ethic, desire to learn, calm nature, excellent study skills, clear growth mindset, and friendly demeanor. I have enjoyed having her in class.

Jimmy Hicks

Academic Development

Jimmy is a hardworking student in class and in life. Although he has always been highly skilled working with his hands, developing academic skills is his newest challenge. I am fairly certain that English is not Jimmy’s favorite subject, but he gives 110 percent to his assignments, spending lots of time in the Writing Center getting help understanding and completing his essays. He is persistent and patient, and it shows in his final product. His attitude and work ethic are inspiring.

Addie Lavender

CCP (Career & College Promise – Transfer Pathway)

Addie’s work ethic and ability demonstrate a level of maturity that exceeds that of her peers. She strives to do her best with all assignments, pleasantly asking questions when she needs to, scores high on quizzes and exams by carefully planning her responses, works well in groups, and has a genuine concern for others. In online classes she possesses the self-discipline to excel independently. On top of all of this, her instructors say she has a “sweet spirit.”

Hannah Fox

Business Sciences/(Career & College Promise – Career Pathway)

Hannah is a senior at Chase High School and has been taking medical office courses through the college’s Career and College Promise initiative. She is interested in a medical degree, specifically working in oncology. Hannah is a member of Beta Club and enjoys being a cheerleader for the Chase High School Trojans. Her teachers say she is “super sweet” and a pleasure to work with.

Susan Washburn

Business Sciences

Often times it is hard for us to get to know online students because of the nature of the course. Susan has made it easier for us to see clearly the type of student she is. She is hardworking, dedicated, and detail oriented in all that she does. Whenever she has a question, she never hesitates to ask for assistance; yet her questions are intelligent. When working with groups, she is an amazing team player who goes beyond her assigned responsibilities.

Jeramey Frazier

Business Sciences

This year’s recipient has a tremendous work ethic and a great deal of determination, which is evident in his academic accomplishments. He is a model student and is a genuine pleasure to have in the classroom. Always willing to go the extra mile, Jeramey actively promotes the Agribusiness program and leads by example.

Samantha Fay Craft

Applied Sciences & Engineering

Sam is a very focused student who always gives her best. She stays on task, never complains, and always has a smile on her face. She is a perfect example of a great draftsman, demonstrating the key attributes: neatness, speed, and accuracy.

Ashlie Shearer
Practical Nursing
Ashlie is enrolled in the Practical Nursing program. Comments from faculty include, “Ashlie is a hard worker and is always prepared for class,” “Ashlie is very organized and prepared,” and “Ashlie is very compassionate and cares for her clients.” Ashlie excels in the classroom, as well as the lab and clinical settings. Ashlie’s overall dedication to becoming a nurse is demonstrated by her being role model for others.

Tamra Atkins

Associate Degree Nursing / RIBN

Tamra is enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program with Foothills Nursing Consortium as a RIBN student (Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nursing ). Tamra not only take courses in the rigorous ADN program, but simultaneously take courses from Western Caroling University where she will obtain her BSN 1 year after graduation from ICC. She is a stellar student ensuring excellence in all areas of her academic life. Tamra works full-time, is married and is the mother to a beautiful daughter. She is a key contributor to the ICC RIBN Facebook page. As I am limited to the number of words I can use to describe her I would just like to say Tamra is the whole package and she excels in all aspects of her life and no one is more deserving of this recognition.