WoFF member charged with theft of “Wayne Guffey for Sheriff” campaign sign

RUTHERFORDTON — Candidate for Sheriff Wayne Guffy has charged Word of Faith member Kerrick Hudson with the removal of a campaign sign. Hudson’s act at approximately 1:30 am on March 13, 2018 was captured on a “deer” camera that is activated by motion.

Acording to the NC G.S. 136-32:

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The Department of Transportation may remove any signs erected without authority or allowed to remain beyond the deadline established in subsection (b) of this section. (b) Compliant Political Signs Permitted.

(Editor’s note: Hudson was implicated in the WoFF assault case of Matthew Lowery. March  2012 – The names of the church members who were involved in this case are Adam Sudano, Kerrick Hudson, (redacted name- a minor), Warren McKnight, Mark Morris and Chris Hall. Mr. Lowry did not stated (state) which subjects hit him.)

When Guffey posted the deer camera photograph it was put online and shared many times over. Several people suggested names.

However, today while Guffey was out placing signs at friends’ homes in the Cliffside area he received a call from WoFF pastor Jane Whaley. Guffey reported that Whaley said she had the culprit in her car and that he was very repentant and had been up all night crying.  Whaley also stated she wanted to meet up with Guffey and make things right by reimbursing him. She offered to come out to Cliffside according to Guffey.

“We are cousins,” Whaley supposedly said.

“We’re not cousins by blood,” Guffy replied. “I don’t have time for this right now. I want you to understand this real fast. Wayne Guffey is not someone you can mess with. ”

Guffey requested the suspect’s name. Guffey said Whaley began to talk fast and attempted to talk over him.

The magistrate issued a criminal summons charging Hudson with the removal of a campaign sign and was given a court date of Friday, April 13, 2018. Guffey also notified Sheriff Chris Francis and the Rutherford County Board of Elections.

Word of Faith Fellowship has recently been putting out information on its You-Tube interviews, WCAB interviews, political forum on School Safety, started a Republican Youth Club, and attended Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest’s fundraiser. While WoFF leadership has always courted politicians, now at least one member has been charged with an act that attempts to influence an election. With a heightened presence in the media WoFF has attempted to counter the Associated Press articles on unemployment fraud, child abuse, and human trafficking.

WoFF members generally do not act without “checking-in” with Whaley.