RC Commissioners’ approve 2018-2019 goals

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — At the March County Commissioners’ meeting, County Manager Steve Garrison summarized the goals and priorities produced in a commissioner workshop on Feb. 23, 2018. There are seven overarching priorities:

  1. incresased economic growth,
  2. government transparency,
  3. support for education,
  4. improving infratructure,
  5. goverment service delivery improvements,
  6. public safey, and
  7. improved quality of life.

Included within those priorities are goals such as supporting local existing businesses, development of the Thermal Belt Rail Trail, promoting trade skills, safety of schools and other public buildings, and changing the reporting structure of the Department of Social Services.

Other goals are:

  • runway expansion
  • countywide cellphone and internet service
  • substance addiction and mental health services
  • supporting Cliffside Sanitary District
  • addressing substandard housing conditions.

The commissioners will continue to collaborate with town governments, state representatives, school administration and other individuals and agencies to make this county a better place.