TJCA Board approves resolution supporting 1/4 cent tax referendum for Schools

MOORESBORO — The Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Board of Directors approved a resolution supporting the quarter tax referendum that is designed for educational capital needs. The Board was very complimentary regarding the assistance of the county in providing information for its USDA loan application. Additionally the TJCA Board acknowledged the benefits to the county in the long-term for well-educated and articulate graduates regardless of where they attend.

WHEREAS, the TJCA-CFA Board of Directors sincerely believes that proper education of children
in our community is a critical step in preparing them for opportunities and challenges they will
face as they mature into adults and become productive contributors to our society; and,
WHEREAS, we each have neighbors, family members, friends, work colleagues, church
members, etc. with children that attend one of the educational institutions within Rutherford
County whether it be a charter school, private institution, home school , or in a traditional public
school setting; and,
WHEREAS, regardless of the institution these children attend, the collective community
benefits in the long-term by well-educated and articulate graduates.

In 2007 legislation passed by the N.C. General Assembly it gave to counties a local-option, quarter-cent sales tax (G.S. 105-535), which must be approved by voters in a referendum before it can be adopted by a county. Rutherford County residents will once again have the opportunity to vote on a local sales and use tax increase at the rate of one-quarter percent. This would increase the county sales tax from 6 3/4 cents to 7 % and create a capital fund to meet county educational capital needs.