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The Polical Arena

… But I do urge the application of your talents to the public solution of the great problems of our time — increasing farm foreclosures in the midst of national prosperity; record small business failures at a time of record profits; pockets of chronic unemployment and sweatshop wages amidst the wonders of automation; monopoly, mental illness, race relations, taxation, international trade, and, above all, the knotty complex problems of war and peace, of untangling the strife-ridden, hate-ridden Middle East, of preventing man’s destruction of man by nuclear war or even more awful to contemplate, by disabling through mutations generations yet unborn.

No, you do not lack problems or opportunities — you do not lack the ability or the energy; nor I have tried to say, do you lack the responsibility to act, no matter what you have heard about the profession of politics… 

                                                                                                            John F. Kennedy

Ted Bell files for re-election as District Attorney in Raleigh

Wayne Guffey files for Sheriff in Rutherford County.

David Rogers has filed for House Representative for District 112.

Garland F. Byers, Jr. will be running for the office of district attorney

Three commissioners are up for reelection – Bryan Toney, Alan Toney, Michael Benfield