Lake Lure Dam Repairs estimated at between $4.5 and $5 million dollars

LAKE LURE, N.C. – Dr. B. Dan Marks, a leading expert in the field of dam safety, presented the final dam inspection report to the Lake Lure Town Council during its February board retreat. The completion of a comprehensive four phase plan of repairs would extend the life of the historic Lake Lure Hydroelectric dam by as much as another fifty years.

The Lake Lure repair plan  includes four comprehensive phase with the cost of all repairs is estimated to be between $4.5 and $5 million dollars. It will take five years for repairs to be completed. While the repairs will be expensive, they can be made without drawing down the lake any lower than normal drawdown levels.

The comprehensive two-part study was initiated by the Town of Lake Lure in order to evaluate the structural integrity, stability and overall safety of the aging dam.

  • Phase one involved a visual examination of the dam with extensive research on its history and construction design, as well as a theoretical analysis of safety and structural integrity.
  • Phase two focused on physical testing and measurements which resulted in a more defined safety and structural analysis based on the actual test results and measurements.

Not all components of the dam exhibit the same degree of degradation or deterioration.  These variances established priorities in the overall Dam Remediation Construction Plan.

The Lake Lure Town Council re-commited to find funding for the repairs, keep citizens informed, and protect the recreational livelihood of the lake for residents and visitors alike. Since 2012, approximately $1.26 million has been directed toward the dam and hydroelectric related repairs, updates, and replacement of equipment.

While regular maintenance of at the Lake Lure Dam focused primarily on the powerhouse equipment, intake gate and spillway gates, no significant structural repairs have been made.

Completed in September 1926, the dam created the lake for which the community is named. Full impoundment of the lake was completed in 1927.

From Town of Lake Lure