Byers not to seek election for the RC Board of Education

Garland F. Byers, Jr.

When I was appointed by the Rutherford County Republican Party Executive Board to fill a vacancy on the Board of Education last year I understood that it was a 4-year appointment. The Republican Party Executive Board, the Board of Education, and the Board of Education’s lawyer, all believed that to be the case.

Late last year, I was contacted by the Rutherford County Board of Elections and informed that the State Board of Elections had issued a ruling that the term of the vacancy for my seat was 2 years. Efforts to clarify this in the North Carolina Legislature were unsuccessful last month, so I am now faced with the decision of whether or not I am going to file to continue to serve on the Board of Education and to file for that Office. A candidate is only allowed to file for one political office in any one election.

I have, therefore, decided that I will not seek election to the Rutherford County Board of Education in 2018. I have very much enjoyed serving on the Board of Education since being appointed and I am honored to have been unanimously nominated to serve on the Board by the Rutherford County Republican Party Executive Committee and to have been unanimously appointed to the Board by the other members of the Board of Education. I am honored beyond words.

We have good people in our school system. We have an outstanding leader at the helm, Janet Harmon Mason. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with the North Carolina State Superintendent of the Year for 2017!! We have good people, people who care about our children, on the Board of Education. Dr. Mason has an outstanding staff of people on her team, people who are outstanding leaders in their own right and who know their jobs inside-and-out.

We have teachers who care, who are great at what they do and who go above and beyond to make sure that no one gets left behind. Our test scores and the improvements that have been made, just in the past five years, are truly amazing. We have experienced principals and administrative staffs who truly excel.

I have been blessed beyond measure to serve as a small part of something as awesome as this, that is so very special, if even for a short time.

I love being a member of the Board of Education in Rutherford County. There is NO WAY that I would be leaving if there was any way possible that I could stay. As much as I don’t want to go, I believe that I am more needed, and could be of greater service, in another place.

Thank you all again.