Dui driver will serve years in prison for Coxe Road crash that killed 2

RUTHERFORD COUNTY  — John Wilson of Rutherfordton, was sentenced to 9 years minimum to 11 years 10 months Thursday for two 2nd degree murders (B1)  and one felony for causing serious injury by a vehicle. Wilson was held responsible for the the death of a teenage boy and a 22-year-old woman killed in a car crash  in 2015 on Coxe Road outside of Rutherfordton and the serious injury of his front seat passenger.

Wilson, the impaired driver of the car, was traveling west at a high rate of speed when he lost control of the car, struck two trees, and the car spun around. Adam Stott, 17, and Brittany Shell, 22, both of Forest City, were riding in the back seat of a 2008 Mitsubishi and were ejected from the car.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported the cousins were not wearing seatbelts. Shell died at the scene. Stott was D.O.A. at Mission Hospital in Asheville. The front seat passenger, Matthew McGinnis, then 31, of Rutherfordton, was critically injured. Wilson sustained minor injuries.

District Attorney Ted Bell said:

This loss of two young lives was so preventable. If the risk of death doesn’t dissuade people from getting behind the wheel when they’re impaired, maybe the real possibility of a murder conviction and going to prison for almost a decade will make them think twice before doing so.