Former school teacher’s trial for sexual exploitation of a minor continued

RUTHERFORD Co., N.C. — Defense attorney Daniel Talbert asked for a continuance Wednesday in Superior Court for the trial of members of the Toms family. Judge Tommy Davis granted the motion. William Travis Toms, 44, his wife, Rebecca Toms, 33, and their minor son are charged in connection to a minor’s photo in an explicit photograph.

Travis Toms was charged with second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, while Rebecca Toms was charged with common law obstruction of justice. The couple formerly taught at R-S Central High School. The 16-year-old has also been charged with second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Travis Toms and Rebecca Toms resigned from Rutherford County Schools, effective Friday, March 24, 2017.

District attorney Ted Bell has rescheduled the cases for an administrative setting on Feb. 21, 2018.