NC Civil War History Center planned for Fayetteville

The North Carolina Civil War History Center will be the first museum in the nation to tackle the difficult topics of the Civil War and Reconstruction from the perspective of a single state and all of its people. The $65 million project will take a phased, multi-year approach and is affiliated with the current regional history museum in Fayetteville, the Museum of the Cape Fear.

The four-acre History Center site will include a 60,000-square-foot main museum built outside the U.S. Arsenal at Fayetteville’s archaeological footprint, protecting the remnants of the asset seized by Confederate forces in 1861 and leveled by William T. Sherman’s engineers four years later. The existing 1896 E.A. Poe House and three Civil War-era structures, currently on the property, are incorporated into the larger, interpretive plan as well.

The center raised more than $20 million in new, firm commitments including $7.5 million each from the City of Fayetteville and Cumberland County and $5 million from the State of NC. And thanks in part to receipt of the initial grant funds from the State , they are planning for a Spring initial ground breaking.

The two Civil War-era homes that are tucked away toward the Hay Street side of the property will be renovated and relocated  to the southern end of the property where they will join the existing Culbreth House—also Civil War-era—in creating a period “village.” Significantly, one of the two houses is slated to become the headquarters of the Digital Educational Outreach program. Funding has been securied to properly restore the building and to equip it with state-of-the-art digital distance-learning hardware and software.