New Years Eve – A Reflection of Rutherford County

Positive Change is in the air in the web of communities that make up Rutherford County. You can hear its whispers on the wind if you listen closely. The huge dissonant chords of hatred, dissension and exclusion are fading away as light reflects on the waters of community move the waves in harmony. Those in the dark will fade away as the dominoes laid carefully in place fall one by one.

The bringing in of the new is like the changing of the seasons – we hardly notice it until its effects are upon us.

Each of us makes up that web of life – each of us sings a song of life in the chorus of the planet. The people’s voice in harmony outweighs any singular narcissistic voice. And as the season of goodwill to all comes to close, the people must gather to create the vision of the new year.

Reflections of the previous year provide a foundation of a new building moving forward with the welfare of the people at its heart.

  • Forest City is moving forward with a large donation to its pedestrian trail bridge
  • Lake Lure’s Flowering Bridge continues to amaze with its creativity and beauty
  • Spindale is taking great strides to unify a community and build bike and walking trails for the people
  • Chimney Rock Little People continues to watch over the Hickory Nut Gorge pass
  • Rutherfordton is building a new Public Works building for the future of the Town
  • Bostic honors the legend that Abraham Lincoln was born here
  • Ellenboro remembers the roots of families here and provides a tribute to bluegrass music
  • Cliffside is transitioning from the original mill town to a collective of new restaurants, art culture, and education.
  • Washburn Store maintains a live element of our past.

We’re not horse people – we have our own unique talents, style, history. We build on what we have and collectively move to a common vision of good will to all. It is a tough road and we will need honest, motivated leaders to rise to the occasion next year.

2018 politics will be interesting. Pay attention, be a part of the community, and learn the issues facing us as a people.

Remember to vote to let your voice be heard.

And be a part of creating a new vision for our community.