RC Rock Road & McDowell County organized crime spree suspects charged


MARION — Detective Paul Alkire of the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office charged 25-year-old Jordan Cornelius Carmichael, of 231 W. Bank Drive in Charlotte, and a 17-year-old Charlotte male with 13 counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, seven counts of larceny, two counts of damage to property and two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle. For Carmichael, Alkire also added a charge of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Detective J.T. Grindstaff charged the pair with 14 counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, five counts of larceny and one count of breaking and entering.

Detective Nathan Mace charged them with 12 counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, six counts of larceny, five counts of damage to property, two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle and one count of larceny of a firearm.

In mid-November, the two suspects were involved in an organized crime spree that spanned from Charlotte to McDowell County.

On Nov. 9 in McDowell, they are accused of stealing four vehicles and breaking into at least 39 cars and one garage in the Nebo area, stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of money, guns, electronics, hunting equipment, tools, medication and jewelry and causing thousands more in damage to the automobiles.

A couple of days after the crime spree in McDowell, the pair hit Rutherford County, where they ended up in vehicle and foot chases with law enforcement officers. McDowell County sheriff’s deputies and K-9 Kessy aided in the search for the suspects. Kessy tracked the pair, and they were apprehended. Investigators found in the culprits’ possession some of the property reported stolen from McDowell.