Motion made to continue Fenner/WoFF trial

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. — District Attorney Ted Bell filed a motion to continue or postpone the trial in the high profile State of N.C. versus Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) defendants regarding the assault, kidnapping, and attempt to strangle allegations of Mathew Fenner. The supposed incident occurred almost 5 years ago in the WoFF sanctuary.

In the motion, the State requests the continuance due to “additional allegations of additional criminal activity by members of the Word of Faith Fellowship” that came to light in early 2017 via media reports, personal statements, and through testimony in the first trial of the State versus Brooke Covington in June 2017.

Bell writes that the “coaching of witnesses and co-Defendants in false testimony in this matter by members of Word of Faith Fellowship, including other attorneys. The State has initiated investigations by several State and Federal law enforcement organizations into these and other allegations.”

Due to the N.C. Gen. Statute the State is barred from proceeding to trial until all the relevant items have been produced in discovery. Due to the large number of people involved and the many claims, the investigations are still ongoing and none of the completed reports, documents and information have yet been made available.

Judge Marvin Pope has not yet ruled on the motion.