AP stands by WoFF settlement story after DSS Carroll’s rebuttal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After a rebuttal email from Department of Social Services (DSS) director John Carroll began circulating and was printed unattributed by the Daily Courier, Associated Press (AP) reporter Mitch Weiss responded, “We stand by the story.” The facts in the AP story make it clear what the true story is.

The AP who had been in contact with Carroll over the last week was not sent a copy of  Carroll’s email. The email was released to a Charlotte reporter just minutes before yesterday’s press conference and used in an interview with former WoFF member John Huddle. The State’s response, however, was not forwarded as well.

RC Catalyst has made a public records request for all of the communications between the State of N.C.,  DSS director John Carroll, and the Associated Press.

Carroll’s email, used without attribution as the Daily Courier’s Editor Note today, is copied below: