WoFF Broken families : AP videos & stories

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The Associated Press released videos and recordings along with personal stories of the broken families of Word of Faith Fellowship. According to the detailed report, children were taken away from their families through deceit, lies, and manipulation of the social services supervision and the court systems.

Nancy Burnette, an organizer of a group helping those leaving WoFF, tells her own story and encounters. The biological parents of children speak out. The story of Sarah Covington Anderson, one of the WoFF/Matthew Fenner case defendants, and her three siblings in their family breakup is revealed. The stories of Keila Blanton and Shana Muse share their experiences.

Leaving WoFF according to many former members is not an easy process. According to some  accounts, they were subjected to lawsuits that were based on trumped up charges, followed by WoFF members, harassed with phone calls, physically intimidated, and subjected to the emotional As Burnette is quoted,

“What I didn’t know was how hard Word of Faith would fight — and the tactics they would use — to keep the kids,” Burnette told The Associated Press.

One of the most revealing facts was the existence of the 1995 FBI report on similar allegations against Word of Faith Fellowships. The district attorney at that time refused to prosecute.

Read and listen at this link.