Editorial: Where does RC Catalyst get its news?

In public, the most frequently asked question is “where does RC Catalyst get its news?” I was more than surprised when WoFF defendant Brooke Covington sat down beside me during a recess in her trial and asked me that.  She also stated that I knew things before her lawyer did.

Courthouse news is generally no secret. If an item is public, it is frequently in the Clerk of Court’s files. As I told her, I live close by and check the files often – sometimes daily. Sometimes twice daily. I try to talk and listen to everyone I encounter.

Once when I was belittling a litter trial in casual conversation, Courthouse Security Deputy Don Christianson stopped me in my tracks and shared why he felt it was important. First, it was breaking the law. Second, the officer in the incident went to a great deal of trouble writing it up and even coming to court to prosecute that charge. Third, people need to have respect not only for the law, but also for our environment. Littering shows a lack of respect for self and community. His comments made a difference and the trial got a lot of attention when published.

The emergency scanner is on all the time in the Catalyst office – much to the annoyance of some on the telephone. However, it provides timely notification of incidents and their details to follow up on.

Also RC Catalyst sits in a lot of long meetings, reads minutes, asks questions, peruses press releases, analyzes financial reports, researches data, and more importantly can put two and two together. Perspective is everything. We don’t cover stories in a silo. Other media reporters with different markets share information with us and we share with them.

However, the most important source of information comes from you. There are a lot of people in this community who are tired of corruption, favoritism, and abuse in our community. People do care about this county. They trust RC Catalyst to protect their sources and investigate their shared information.  Your cell phone and camera are two of the best tools for us to keep up with current events. Even then, there are more stories than staff to followup on for articles.

We do make a difference – you and RC Catalyst. If we want fairness, equality, and concern for ALL residents, the media serves as a check and balance. Our reach through Facebook is as much as 162,000 readers. Our online site http://RCcatalyst.com has as many as 80,000 unique users per month.

You, our readers and friends, are the ones who inform the public and hold both people and organizations accountable. Keep up the good work.

You do make a difference.

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  1. Gayle Clayton | November 15, 2017 at 3:41 pm |

    We apologize for a mistake in names. Deputy Don Christianson was the man who made the comment about the littering trial.

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