100+mph car chase through Ellenboro ends in arrest and charges

FOREST CITY — A Rutherford County deputy was involved in a 100 m.p.h. car chase early Monday morning. The chase began when  Lowery attempted to pull over suspect Alva Rashaw Hunt who had two outstanding felony probation warrants as he left McDonald’s. Hunt turned onto US 74A and then US74 headed into Cleveland County.

Cleveland County law enforcement was not available to assist, the Highway Patrol had no one available to assist, and RC deputies were not near the area. Radio contact was maintained during the high speed chase.

The chase, however, took a new direction in Lattimore, then back into Mooresboro on US74A and into Ellenboro through Main Street.  Deputy Lowery joined in as pursuit continued onto Piney Mountain Church Road and then Salem Church Road. One of the patrol cards tapped Hunt’s car and Hunt’s vehicle then hit the second patrol car head on.There was no serious damage to the cars or to the individuals.

The chase continued to Dusty Hollow Road off the Bostic-Sunshine Highway. There Hunt jumped out of the car and ran. His female passenger remained in the car. The deputies apprehended Hunt shortly thereafter.

Complaining of seizure like symptoms, Hunt was taken to Rutherford Regional Medical Center for evaluation. Approximately 30 minutes later he was released and taken to jail. He faces multiple charges as shown below.