Rutherford Hospital…….A Ghost Story

Rutherford Hospital…….A Ghost Story
by Deborah Keller

Cries of newborn babies filter through the mist, moans and muffled sobs are heard distantly in the wind, the smell of fresh turned earth and the sounds of a shovel breaking ground as the low strands of a hymn fade into the night. These are the sounds some have reported through the years in the parking lot of Rutherford Hospital.

All hospitals have their stories. This one has its share but one in particular is the story of “Ben”. Many, many years ago “Ben “worked for Rutherford Hospital. He had been there ever since anyone remembered. He had several duties throughout the years but one in particular was burying the amputated limbs of surgical patients on the grounds of the hospital. (It was rumored that many an indigent stillborn baby were buried there too)

“Ben” reportedly was an even tempered soul who went about his duties with a smile and never questioned an order. His whole life revolved around the hospital and its inhabitants. When he became too old and infirm to perform his duties the hospital took him in and cared for him until he died.

It was said that he knew where all the bodies were buried, so seemingly it would have been in the hospitals best interests to keep him there. His knowledge was not to be shared. Rutherford County has held many secrets through the years and the hospital was going to make sure he kept theirs.

For years now night nurses have reported hearing a rhythmic thump, bump coming down empty hallways and soon afterwards an empty wheelchair could be seen rolling slowly down the hall coming to a complete stop by itself. Techs in the lab have heard low humming and almost singing near the area where surgically amputated limbs await biopsy.

Don’t be surprised if you are coming to the hospital late one night to see a fading shadow with a shovel over his shoulder and a bag in his hand singing low key hymns as he fades into the darkness of the parking lot and if you should by chance hear a thump, bump and see the empty rolling wheelchair come to a stop near you be sure and tell “Ben” hello.

The secret he is keeping may be one of yours………..

Happy Halloween.