Care Bear arrested in Morganton

From the Hickory Record

MORGANTON — A Morganton man dressed in a Care Bear onesie was charged with driving a moped while impaired Saturday. Keith William Hurley, 39, was wearing a black helmet and a light blue fleece onesie, “which was later determined to be a care bear costume.”

When law enforcement pulled Hurley over, he asked why Hurley did not have his lights on. Hurley replied that he had a short. Hurley had attached a “DOT-approved” flashlight to the front of his moped.

Hurley told the officer he was coming from work at a downtown eatery. The eatery was having a Halloween event, and that’s why he was dressed like a Care Bear.

The officer noticed alcohol on Hurley’s breath and that his eyes were red and glossy. Hurley said he had a couple of beers at a downtown bar and had been sitting at the bar to sober up.

Hurley attempted field sobriety tests, but “performed poorly,” according to the police report.

Hurley was charged with driving while impaired.

A search warrant was granted to Connor to get a sample of Hurley’s blood. Hurley said he would not consent to the blood draw either and that officers would have to “strap him down.”

“It is my body, and you have no right to take blood from me,” Hurley said via the report.

Officers explained they had the right to take his blood because of the warrant, according to the report.

“I’m not consenting to a sample, but I will not fight,” Hurley said via the report.

Connor transported Hurley to the magistrate’s office, where he was given a $1,000 bond. He was then placed in a local jail.