Warren Wilson makes the college more affordable for state residents

SWANNANOA — Three months after Lynn Morton became president of Warren Wilson College, she and her administration announced the school would cover the cost of tuition for all incoming, in-state students eligible for federal or state need-based aid.

Starting in fall 2018, the Warren Wilson College NC Free Tuition Plan for students new to the school will work toward reducing the out-of-pocket costs. College tuition costs have been rising across the nation, forcing students to make tough decisions regarding their future and, sometimes, even declining acceptance letters to top-ranked schools. According to Education Advisory Board studies, students that turn down their dream schools do so primarily for financial reasons,

In addition to targeting the shrinking middle class, Warren Wilson is also looking to further diversify its population, particularly in the Cherokee population and Latino students.

Average published tuition and fees at private nonprofit four-year institutions are approximately $33,480 in 2016-17. Tuition at Warren Wilson now costs $34,500. The school has 716 undergraduate and graduate students and offers 20 majors and 45 programs of study

Students hoping to qualify for the NC Free Tuition Plan must submit proof of their N.C. residency and qualify for federal or state need-based grants. Students will receive the remainder of their tuition free through scholarships, grants and Warren Wilson’s work-grant requirements.