Vote early. Your voice, your choice.

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. —  Early voting for the 2017 municipal elections is available, giving residents the opportunity to select local leaders who will decide which streets get paved and the cost of garbage pickup.

Turnout for municipal elections traditionally is low even though the voter influence is the greatest in local government.

Photo identification is not required to vote. People who are not registered to vote  may register and vote on the same day during the early voting period, but not on Election Day. People who want to vote and register on the same day are required to show a document that lists their current name and address in the county.

Among acceptable documents are a current and valid N.C. driver license or identification card, a photo ID from a government agency and a document that shows the person’s name and current address such as a utility bill, private bank statement or property tax statement issued by a government agency.

Let your choice for local leadership be known.


County  Dem      Rep     Lib  Unaffi  White    Black  Am
  Other    Hisp   Male    Female Total 
RC          14,900 16,383 207 12,564 37,624 4,443      65  1,922    525 20,029 23,089  44,054