WoFF Bartley/ Fenner case continued; Walker’s case called.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Judge Marvin Pope granted defense attorney Thomas Amburgey’s  motion to continue the trial of the Word of Faith Fellowship’s (WoFF) member  case until January 2, 2018. The WoFF has recently gained national and international publicity regarding its worship practice of blasting, alleged non-payment of Brazilian workers, broken families, arranged marriages, and possible misconduct of some of the attorneys within the church.

Adam Bartley

Amburgey is the new attorney of record for Adam Bartley. The prosecutor for all five WoFF related/Matthew Fenner cases, Garland Byers, Jr., announced he would call Robert Louis Walker’s case on October 23, 2017. Matthew Cabe represents Walker.

The five defendants who are or were members of the Word of Faith Fellowship and charged in the alleged assault and kidnapping of Matthew Fenner who says he was held against his will during a deliverance session of blasting or loud prayer in the sanctuary of Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) on January 2013 to deliver him from homosexuality are:

  • Brooke Covington
  • Justin Covington
  • Adam Bartley
  • Robert Louis Walker
  • Sarah Anderson

Brooke Covington’s trial held in the May-June RC trial session ended in a mistrial when the jury foreman brought outside documents into the jury deliberation room. Judge Gary Gavenus ordered a mistrial. Since that time, her defense attorney David Teddy has been out on medical leave and as yet unable to reschedule another trial.