Out and About

An old postcard of days gone by

Cove Creek Barbeque

And the winner is… Pet Contest at the Hilltop Festival – Organizer Cindy Adair said it was one of the best ones yet.

You must follow your intuition and visit.

At Twisted Pear in Rutherfordton having fun

At the Rutherfordton Town Council meeting a suggestion to update the murals was made. Well … that didn’t take long to implement.

Municiple election candidates offering to serve our community (l-r) Tom Roberson,Stan Clements, Thomas Walker, Keisha McDowell, Shawn Moore, Jerry Wease, Doris Crutes, Rosaleen Francis, Steve Holland, Mickey Bland, Jimmy Dancy, Robin Ensley, Pamela Padgett, Michael Jennings

This picture with then Governor Pat McCrory is the first thing Mike Wallace showed us when we interviewed him on his hamburger mention in Zagat.

Leave peeping season is about to commence!