Associated Press — Brazil investigates Word of Faith Fellowship

BRAZIL — The Associated Press (AP) released an article on the ongoing investigations into the practices and policies of the Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF). Associated Press reporter Peter Prengaman investigates many of the same issues in Brazil as reported by the AP happening in Spindale, N.C.

Prengaman reports the WoFF business and labor practices in Brazil also include being “screamed at and sometimes even hit to expunge the devil.” Employees allegedly falsified time sheets, were not paid overtime despite the long hours, and not paid at all in some cases. Prayer was required before work shifts.

Brazilian prosecutors also are looking into land deals involving the churches that the AP reports where deeds were transferred into pastors and pastors’ families names. The church schools are being scrutinized for physical and psychological abuse of students. The church schools are also accused of redacting required material out of textbooks.

Read the entire story here. (N.B. The article is in English.)

Late last month the AP released a US story on alleged unemployment fraud at WoFF. Today’s release comes just two weeks before the Matthew Fenner/WoFF members trial that was moved in part due to publicity Matthew Fenner testified in June that five then members of WoFF had assaulted and kidnapped him in a sanctuary blasting session to remove his “homosexual demons.”