Board of Education supports East Rutherford Middle School plan

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Dr. David Sutton presented a draft of the Local Plan for Improving School Performance to the Rutherford County Board of Elections on Tuesday evening. Sutton emphasized the study had taken several weeks of work, discussed and was improved through the administration, teachers and board members reviews. The proposed plan of action to address the NC Grade D of East Middle School was unanimously accepted by the board.

The plan consists of 4 focus areas:

  • extended time for learning,
  • assessment of student learning,
  • teacher-centered support, and
  • student-centric monitoring.

The school principal will assign teachers for after-school tutoring opportunities for all parents and students. If a student failed a subject during the prior 6 weeks, they are recommended to attend. All licensed personnel will be observed and evaluated.

Additionally each area has an action planning grid. Progress, indicators, and assessments will be recorded, monitored, and presented to the board.

Overall indicators is that the school system is performing at high levels. Dr. Mason noted that E. Middle was a part of this system and thanked principal Jo Oliver and other concerned individuals for being at the Board of Education meeting.

The board unanimously expressed its support behind E. Middle School.