NC unaffiliated voters outnumber Republican voters


RALEIGH – Registered unaffiliated voters now outnumber Republican voters in North Carolina for the first time.

The state Board of Elections shows there are 2,018 more unaffiliated voters than Republican voters in North Carolina as of Thursday afternoon. In all, the most recent state data show:

  • 2,058,678 unaffiliated voters;
  • 2,056,660 Republican voters; and
  • 2,641,947 Democratic voters.

Catawba College Political Science Professor Michael Bitzer said the rise of unaffiliated voters in North Carolina mirrors a national trend, adding that the generational shift will be played out over the next few election cycles in North Carolina.

Polls show millennial voters tend to lean politically center-left as opposed to Baby Boomers who lean center-right while Baby Boomers start to generationally exit the political scene.