Spindale tension continues after commissioner’s lawsuit

SPINDALE — Spindale Commissioner James Hamilton, Jr. filed an age and race discrimination lawsuit on July 24, 2017 based on his tenure as a police officer in the Town of Spindale, Hamilton states that as a black officer he was held to a different standard than white officers. Hamilton requested a jury trial in the Western District of the U.S. District Court. He is seeking compensation for vacation and sick days, and damages for public humiliation, emotional stress and anxiety.

While the Town of Spindale attorney has not yet responded to the suit,  this attention has raised other concerns in the community.

  • Hamilton is behind in paying his county and town taxes before and while serving as a commissioner.
  • Hamilton allegedly was fired for lying on duty and other past issues.
  • After repeatedly insisting that the Spindale Town Council hear testimony from Mr. Stacey Shade about his court experience, Hamilton inexplicably left the closed session before it began. Hamilton, further, claimed not to know Mr. Shade.
  • A potential lawsuit is rumored against the Town and Commissioner Hamilton by the police chief for harassment and other activities.
  • Commissioner Hamilton considers being addressed as “Sir” to be disrespectful.

As background information and verification RC Catalyst has reviewed:

  • the 911 call records regarding alarms at the Pro-Rent All,
  • the trial testimony of Police Chief Eric Shelton regarding the possession of a firearm by  felon Stacey Shade
  • the district attorney’s conclusion clearing the police chief of lying —it was a misstatement—in a Giglio investigation
  • public personnel records, and
  • public records requests of email communications.

It is not known at this time when or if  the discrimination suit will be heard.