TJCA-CFA Announces New Building Plans

Press Release

The Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Board of Directors approved its 2020 Vision site plan at the September 5th board meeting. The plan calls for a new 9th-12th grade building to be constructed on the current TJCA-CFA campus in Avondale.

The preliminary design, pictured above, calls for a campus configuration enabling a better flow of both student and vehicle traffic. The design will also provide TJCA-CFA with much needed athletic fields, including a baseball field, softball field, track and soccer field, a practice field, and a new high school gymnasium.

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Board

A new high school will house all 9th-12th grade classes, and will be built parallel to the current 2005 building. The 2005 building will house grades seven and eight and create a campus feel between the two buildings. Sixth grade will move into the existing Adams Hall allowing removal of the current mobile classroom space.

Joe Maimone

Headmaster Joe Maimone stated, “We are excited to move forward with our 2020 Vision. After three years of extreme due diligence by our board and after weighing so many great options for the future location, the proposed design will help provide much needed facilities to help ensure our school’s success for many decades to come. We are so fortunate to be eligible for long-term USDA funding that will enable us to both develop our current plan, while also refinancing the remaining debt on our beautiful grammar school at much lower interest rates.”

The goal is to break ground in June of 2018 for a planned opening of the new facilities in August of 2019.

Board Chair, Ray Maxwell, added, “Our students and teachers deserve facilities that allow our children the opportunity to excel and learn to their greatest potential. The proposed facility will meet many of our currently unmet needs and will allow most of our extracurricular activities to be centralized at one location. The campus style design should provide a higher educational feel not available in many school settings. We are anxious to move forward with this plan as quickly as possible.”

Maimone added, “This goal, if met, will enable us to graduate our initial Kindergarten class back in 2007, from a brand new facility as the class of 2020!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Of the $27 Million loan, $10 Million will be used to pay off the current elementary school building loan.