Deputies fired for having sex while on duty

YORK, S.C.  – Six deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Department have been disciplined – including two who were fired – after an internal investigation  discovered that one female deputy had sex with five different male deputies at various times while on duty. The sexual encounters stretch as far back as 2003.

Sergeant Jennifer Forsythe and Deputy Daniel Hamrick were fired earlier this month after the two admitted to having sexual encounters while on duty.  The other four deputies who were disciplined for having sexual encounters with Forsythe include a captain, a lieutenant and two other sergeants.

In a statement, Sheriff Kevin Tolson said his office initiated an internal investigation immediately after receiving an anonymous complaint.

“The results of this investigation are very troubling and cast a dark cloud over the York County Sheriff’s Office and its reputation as a professional organization,” Tolson said in a statement “The actions of these officers have undermined the public’s confidence in our organization and required swift and serious action.”

In his statement, Tolson, who took office in January, pointed out much of the activity happened before he assumed office.“The harshest discipline was dispensed to those who violated policy and public trust while I have been Sheriff,” Tolson said.

The deputies still employed by the sheriff’s office declined to comment.